Obama Feels Our Pain!

Steven Quast
April 21, 2011
PSC 105: 5:00

Obama Feels Our Pain!
While he made $1.8 million last year and was taxed ~ $400,000
same as Presidential Salary
(Julie Pace of the Huffington Post)

President Obama is visiting the West Coast on a three-day tour, speaking with citizens at town meetings and even arranging a meeting at Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto on Wednesday. There he spoke to a gathering along with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg. He discussed his plans to increase taxes on the rich and both he and Mark shared a moment agreeing that there money will be better spent for taxes to be spent on Americans.
Wednesday night, Obama was at a fundraiser in San Francisco telling his young supporters they were not alone in their frustration.

“There are times when I’ve felt the same way you do. It’s a big, complicated, messy democracy. We knew this wouldn’t be easy.”

After attending another fundraiser on Thursday morning, he will stop in Reno and Los Angeles, before returning home to Washington on Friday. This has been the most extensive traveling he has done since announcing his bid for re-election in 2012, a few weeks ago on April 4th.

Obama’s senior advisor David Plouffe thinks that that the 2012 election will be closer than the 2008 election, and believes that is why the campaign needs to focus again on the young supporters that got him elected in 2008.

While Obama was at Facebook on Wednesday, he attacked the Republicans plans to cut Medicare and Medicaid. Brendan Buck, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner has fought back, saying

“What’s radical is piling up $9 trillion more in debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids.”

This statement copies others that believes that Obama’s budget plan will do little to reduce our debt.


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